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Company Registration Checks

How to check out a Chinese company, factory or supplier to confirm if they are properly registered and or have a legitimate business license:

  1. Are you concerned about doing business in China because it is so far and so foreign?
  2. Are you worried about sending money to a company that you don’t really know is real or not?
  3. Are you having trouble getting a response from someone that you just sent money to?
  4. Have you engaged in business with a Chinese supplier but now concerned if the are legitimate or not?
  5. Are you worried the Chinese supplier you started to do business with is no longer in operation?

You should be concerned! There are literally millions of trading companies here in China and some of them have had their business license revoked but they are still doing business. 

There are millions of factories operating without a proper business license and there are millions of suppliers who do not have the legal right to do business with you. Everything from English teachers to bogus trading companies to illegitimate factories all of which will say what you want to hear to get your business. Sometimes it works out well but if a problem arises and you’re not doing business with a registered and legal entity then the best lawyer in the country won’t be able to help you.

There are many reasons for this to happen. Some legitimate and some illegitimate. We can help you with preventive measures so it doesn’t happen to you! Contact us for more information.