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International Trading & Shipping

1. When buying from China, it’s critical to know who you’re working with.

It’s not uncommon for us to receive calls from a potential customer who tried buying direct from a factory in China on their own and got in trouble. Often, they found a supplier through an e-commerce site, got a few samples made, and then gave the factory a deposit (one recent caller told us they gave the factory a 100% deposit up front, which is a big no-no).  Problems arose, and then the Chinese factory stopped all communication. So it's important to deal with a trustful agent/representative to deal with the supplier directly and if any problems arise we are there to tackle it. This is our job to provide a trustful supplier for your needs and make sure everything runs smoothly as expected.

Our company which is based in Guangzhou will prequalify the factories by calling them and asking them the right questions about their capabilities and manufacturing process. This is critical; when you decide to go it alone, you won’t know if you’re dealing with a factory, a trading company, or a guy sitting in his apartment with a PC. Let us do this job and then you also don't need to worry about the language barrier it may cause.

2. Our China company knows the cultures.

Picture a European businessman coming to China and trying to buy or sell a new product line. He doesn’t know where to go or how the culture works. He fumbles around, not knowing whether the company he’s working with is reputable or if they will do what they promise.

The Chinese business culture is strange to him and he finds it weird, maybe even rude, that they don’t invite him to a banquet. It’s the same if you go to Korea on your own. Chinese businesspersons don’t think or conduct business like we do. In Europe if a factory messes up an order they can get sued.

In China, the factory will just walk if there’s a problem and there’s little that can be done about it. Having a China trading company on the ground who speaks the language and  who knows the Chinese business culture provides a great advantage over going it alone.

3. Our company negotiate prices, inspect the shipments, and have relationships with Chinese shipping companies, which means we can ship the product to you at competitive rates.

Here again, having someone on the ground in China is invaluable. It’s far better to have a Chinese person negotiating with a Chinese company than a European.

4. Our China trading company partners back up the quality to your written specifications.

Although we do everything we can to avoid problems, in the rare occasion that you might receive defective product not made to the written specifications you provided us prior to production, our company will negotiate getting replacement product from the factory and making sure you get what you asked for.

5. Making sure you can sleep at night.

Having someone you can trust means you won’t get burned. We’ve been in business since 1991 and our approach is to work for long term relationships.  We’ve wouldn’t have been around for more than 20 years if our customers didn’t continue to work with us.