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From professionals for professionals!
We are a highly professional team with BA and MA degrees for special product search, product development, production, and quality management as well as merchants with practical knowledge in the high technology heart of China. Additionally, we have good contacts with different universities, researchers, and freelancers. So we are not the bargain of the century. But for this we make sure that your project will be plannable, successful, and economical for your business on a high level.
Because every project is different we don't have any fixed pricelist per project or hour. We always discuss your project, our services and prices with you personally and discreetly.
For start-up companies not older than three years, we provide a special service with some lower and more flexible prices to push the success of your young company.
Nobody wants to work for free. To prevent scroungers we generally charge a refundable fee before we start working. This amount depends on the scope of your project and will be deducted during a later stage when we bring your product idea to life.