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No cultural barrier:

The culture in Asia is quite different from “the West”. This can cause a lot of misunderstanding. We know both cultures and can handle the things much easier. No misunderstanding and frustrated employees anymore!

Save traveling costs and human resources:

Your company must not send people abroad which costs a lot of time and money. No need to find employees for traveling, no need to ask for a visa, booking flight, pay for transportation and hotels. Simply focus on your work on your target market!

No time shift problem:

If your company is located outside Asia you have to deal with the time shift. You maybe will lose a lot of time every day and delay your project. Simply give us your project and we do all the work during the normal business times in Asia. No need to hurry up early in the morning or late in the evening. We simply send you a status update!

Time scheduling:

We handle your order professionally, talking with your supplier and make sure that the estimated delivery time can be hold. We have an eye on your order every day!

Quality and safety standard service:

We are working with certified German testing institutions to make sure that your products fits all standards you need. No trouble with fake documents which can cause a total loose of all your money and products!

Support for startups:

You just opened a company and your wallet isn't that full? We will find a solution. OK, let's talk about it!

Find the real supplier:

Don't trust some sales platforms. Many companies will say that they are the factory but most of them are resellers only. We inspect companies in detail. We find the manufacturer you need!


You are already in business with Asia but something went totally wrong? That's never an easy task but let us try to solve the problem!

Supply Chain Detectives:

Is your company ready for the new EU supply chain law?
We check your Asian suppliers for the EU supply chain law.

Find New Suppliers:

Make sure that you are not struggling with new lockdowns or other interferences in your business.
We help you to find new or more suppliers for decoupling processes.