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Factory Inspections

If you are visiting China to look for new suppliers or products chances are that your time will be very limited, you will arrive feeling tired and if its your first visit more than a little bit lost! You will likely need to carry out a fast factory inspection at each of the businesses you visit.

It can be a costly exercise, so you want to make sure you can maximize your time by checking out a wide range of suppliers to get as clear a picture as possible of what the factory is really like.

One option is to engage the services of Langergroup Asia, who can help you to review potential suppliers without having to make the long trek to China.

Another sensible tactic is to first verify your list of suppliers to make sure you only visit legitimate companies that fit the profile you need and we can assist in the verifications if these suppliers are legit and provide a good service as required.

There are also many reasons why it is a good idea to see the supplier’s facilities with your own eyes, and for those wishing to embark on a sourcing trip we have created a 10-point China factory inspection checklist of what we can assist you with. 

Our 10 Key Objectives for a Factory Inspection in China.

  1. Check the cleanliness and orderliness of both the factory and the office
  2. Check how they identify, maintain and keep track of materials
  3. Observe the production equipment, their condition and output capacity (calculate: can they really produce as much as they claim?)
  4. Looking at the product samples and compare them with the quality we see on the production line.
  5. Observing what in-process checks are being carried out during production
  6. Figure out what testing or final inspection processes are being done. Are they meaningful or just for show?
  7. Visit their testing lab, but don’t be blinded by impressive looking equipment. 
  8. Look at their warehouse and identify where else they are selling products to (local or overseas?)
  9. Get copies of the company’s business license, ISO certifications and other relevant product reports as these mostly can be verified.
  10. Once have visited many factories it can be difficult to remember each one clearly, so take plenty of photos (ask for permission first)

LangerGroup Asia can help you with all of this and save you time in travel, costs, negotiations and more.

Once you have selected a short list of the factories your most interested in, then you can take the next step in visiting and we can arrange the whole tour and your stay in China.